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Beko Washing Machine WM1715S - Fault Codes & Diagnostics   HOME

There are two types of faults that will occur on this appliance:

1. Faults that can be rectified by the customer - these are denoted by a flashing led other than the ‘PreWash’ LED. To reset these faults the customer has to switch the power on and off.

2. Component type faults that can only be fixed by a service engineer - these are denoted by a flashing ‘PreWash’ LED. The service engineer has to access the service mode to read the actual fault code.


Accessing Service Mode:

bulletEnsure that Program Selector is NOT in the SPIN position
bulletTurn power ‘Off’
bulletPress & Hold the ‘Start/Cancel/Pause’ button
bulletTurn power ‘On’
bullet‘Start’ icon will begin to flash within 3 secs
bulletRotate Program Selector to ‘Spin’ position
bulletPress the ‘Start/Cancel/Pause’ button again to reveal actual fault code
bulletAfter noting the fault code - press the ‘Start/Cancel/Pause’ button for approx 7 seconds - to clear from memory
bulletAll LEDs will extinguish to show this has been cleared.


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