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Customer Complaint
Appliance not heating or not washing properly
It is important to note the initial fill sequence of this appliance:
Water goes straight through the metering tank (situated on the left hand side of appliance) into the heat exchanger (situated on the right hand side of appliance).
Once the heat exchanger tank is full, water then overflows via a plastic tube over the top of the tank, and in to the left hand side metering tank.
Once the metering tank is full, water overflows into the bucket on the float switch (situated in the metering tank) and activates a microswitch which in turn will energize the solenoid (see pic.) on the heat exchanger tank.
Both tanks then empty into the sump and the wash motor kicks in.
It was found that the solenoid was open circuit and therefore was not releasing the water in the heat exchanger tank into the sump. However the appliance will still continue to work, but with only half the amount of water it normally uses to complete a wash.
With this little water in the appliance there is not enough pressure to turn the spray arms. Hence the wash result problems reported by the customer.
If possible replace coil of solenoid from engineers van stock. A solenoid is available as a Special Order GC Number 783-071