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ENERGY REGULATORS Single Circuit Without Pilot Light
Manufacturer Model No GC No Fixing Live To Neutral To Load To Notes
Diamond H
  20ER1   Screw Line Neutral Load  
  30ER1HT E08332 Nut Line Neutral Load A  
  30ER1TF   Screw Line Neutral Load A  
  30ER14MHT E09670 Screw P1 4a 2  
  40ER101C1 E19126 Screw P1 4a 2  
  TYJ01B   Screw L RL G  
  Ceased Manufacture Of Energy Regulators In 2000            
  TYJ01B     Line Neutral Load
  TYJ6202   Screw Line Neutral Load
  TYJ6219   Screw Line Neutral Load
  19-1103   Screw 4 2 1
  20-1103   Screw 4 2 1
  RC1103   Screw L or Live N or Neut Load A
  RC2103   Screw L or Live N or Neut Load A



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