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Water leaking from the left and right sides of the bottom of the door on EVO 3 dishwashers produced between January 2004 andSeptember 2005

Ariston - AFA370X.

Hotpoint - BFT680X, BFV680X, SDW80G, SDW80P, SDW80T,
SDW85A, FDW75A, FDW70, FDW65A, FDW60, FDW20, BFZ680X, BFZ700X.

Indesit -DI450UK, DVG622WHUK, DVG622KIXUK, DVG622BKUK, IDE1000UK.2, IDL500UK.2, IDL530UK, IDL700UK.2, IDL705SUK, IDL705SUK.2, IDL535SUK.2, IDL735SUK, DI450UK

Possible cause of problem Modification to be carried out
Spray Arm split
Spray Arm does not rotate during wash, this is due to blocked water jets, caused by loose particles of food. Or can be caused by the incorrect loading of dishes. Advise customer about rinsing loose particles of food from dishes before placing them in dishwasher, also advise them to ensure that the Spray Arms rotate freely, before commencing wash

Lower door seal detached from base. Attach Door seal clips GC No. 671 - 312 (see below). These clips have been used in production from S/N 50701xxxx

Excessive foam during wash
  1. Advise customer to use separate powder detergent and liquid rinse aid
  2. Reduce dosage of rinse aid dispersed by selecting setting 1 or 2 on the dispenser indicator (see user manual)
  3. Check for possible leaks from the rinse aid dispenser diaphragm, by completing the following procedure:
bulletOpen and close the door repeatedly and rapidly
bulletCheck dispenser for signs of leakage. If necessary change the dispenser
bulletCheck wiring incase it is obstructing the proper operation of the dispenser mechanism


If the customer insists on using multi function tablets:

bulletConfirm the spray arms and dispenser are functioning correctly
bulletSet the rinse aid dispenser to its lowest setting
bulletCarry out the air vent modification listed below.

In most water areas this will stop over foaming.

No airbreak for pressure release.This condition can cause water spurts atthe base in certain operating conditions,e.g. last rinse cycle.

On certain models the door frame seal is to long. Cut the seal so that there is only approx. 5mm of seal visible below the door seal retainer (see TB DW07 for more on this fault)

Air Vent Modification

After carrying out the preceding procedure the appliance still leaks then carry out the following procedure.

Please Note: All the modifications in the following procedure must be carried out.

Replace the metering tank with insert (see fig.A) with the new modified metering tank that has the insert removed (see fig.B), GC No. 668 – 954. Determine which metering tank is fitted first.
Fig. A: metering tank with insert Fig. B: metering tank without insert

If the metering tank has been fitted then it will be necessary to cut the soundproofing (if fitted) at the rear left hand corner, so that it does become moist with the condensing steam. A new soundproofing kit is available on GC No. 671 - 309


For Built in Appliances


Fit the honeycomb panel on top of the appliance.

bulletNew 60 cm Panel - GC No. 671 - 310
bulletNew 45 cm Panel - GC No. 671 - 311

Secure the panel under the side panels and above the rear cross member.

Seal the rear left hand with adhesive tape.


Note: The above measures have to be carried out to ensure that the customers’ worktops do not become damaged by steam rising from the dishwasher.

It is good practice to fit the new main door seal, too ensure that there is a good seal at the bottom of the dishwasher door.

bulletNew 60 cm main door seal - GC No. H44 – 637
bulletNew 45 cm main door seal - GC No. 664 – 976