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Hotpoint 3 Phase Power Boards and EEPROMS          HOME
Model Numbers
WD640; WD645; WD860; WD865; WF620; WF630; WF640; WF760; WF840; WF860; WF865

There are several EEPROMS available for each of the above appliances.

Therefore it is important to note the number printed on the white label that is attached to the Power board, so that the correct EEPROM can be identified.

During 2005 Hotpoint switched from Hot & Cold fill to Cold fill only. Therefore it will be important to note what type of fill the machine uses.

Power Board Part Number descriptions have abbreviations as listed below
bulletSC Service Socket Board (Separate EEPROM required)
bulletPR Production Board (Soldered EEPROM fitted)

e.g. 656-224 PCB Power 3 Phase 6kg 2.74SC


EEPROM Part Number descriptions have abbreviations as listed below

bulletH&C Hot & Cold Fill
bulletC Cold Fill
bulletWELD Welded Outer Drum
bulletSCRD Screwed Outer Drum
bullet2.74 Power Board Software Version
bullet3.5 Power Board Software Version

Washer Dryers 7kg Load


It has also been noted that since the creation of the SIS parts list for the following models...


...a new 3 Phase Power Board has been introduced that incorporates software version 3.5.

3 Phase Power Board Manufacturers Part Number

C00143608 Identification number 21500900901
GC Number 663-640

Software version 3.5 EEPROM Manufacturers Part Number

1605453 - WD640 & WD645A
GC Number 664-522

1605445 WD860 & WD865A
GC Number 668-572

Again it is important to check the Identification number on the board, before ordering parts.