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FFA90, FFA91, FFA97, FFS90, FFM90, FFM91 & FFM97
Below is a diagnostic flow chart that will aid in identifying causes for customer complaints of a warm fridge.
FFA97 & FFM97

During May 2005 some duct mouldings for the above appliances were fitted with duct mouldings that were faulty. The majority of these appliances have since had the duct mouldings replaced. However, there may still be some appliances in circulation that have a faulty duct fitted, the ducts can cause reduced air flow into the fridge, which in turn increases the air flow into the freezer.

The symptoms to look for are:

bulletWarm fridge Freezer excessively cold - Compressor constantly running
bulletFridge temperatures only just maintained - Freezer very Cold - Compressor runs for elongated periods.

If the duct moulding is suspected of causing the above problems then it should be replaced.



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