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Indesit Washing Machine Reset Procedure Model W103UK  HOME
Where a customer reports that their Indesit W103UK washing machine is stepping through the program or you notice that the program timer indexes through to the end of the program and does not complete the program correctly, a program reset procedure must be undertaken to get the appliance to reset and function correctly.
The reset procedure is as follows:
1. Unplug (isolate) the machine
2. Turn on the machine “ON / OFF” button.
3. Set the timer control to a “Zero position”.
4. Plug the appliance back in and switch on the power supplying the machine.
5. The display lights should now flash.
6. Turn off the machine at the “ON / OFF” button.
7. Select the program required.
8. Turn the machine back on at the “ON / OFF” button.
The machine should now be reset and function normally.
If the appliance still will not function, repeat steps 1 to 8.