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Miele F/L & T/L Washing Machine - W134 WPS;W919;W925;W959; etc - Diagnostics    HOME
Top Loader since machine no. 20/…
W134 WPS; W135 WPS
Front Loader since machine no. 20/…
W919 WPS; W923 WPS; W925 WPS; W927 WPS; W931 WPS; W931i WPS;
W959 WPS
Fault Codes
Test Mode
bulletSwitch off all option buttons
bulletSwitch appliance ‘Off’
bulletRotate program selector to the ‘Finish/Start’ position
bulletSwitch appliance ‘On’
bulletPress and release the ‘Pre-wash’ button three times within 4 secs of switching appliance on
bullet‘Pre-wash’ LED will flash
bulletTurn program selector switch to the desired setting in accordance with the following table


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