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Whirlpool SBS 2006 Collection Repair Manual   HOME
FRWW2VAF20/0; FRUU2VAF20/0; FRBB36AF20/2; FRUU36AF20/2; FRSS36AF20/2; FRSB36AF20/2; FTSB36AF20/3; FFII36AF20/3; FRSS36AF25/3
LCD version
Numeric display version
Error Codes
Error Code LCD Version Error Code Numeric Display Version Cause
“SF” on Freezer Display “C” on Freezer Display Freezer Sensor fault
“SF” on Refrigerator Display “C” on Refrigerator Display Refrigerator sensor fault
“D” Refrigerator display “D” Refrigerator display Air Baffle fault
“AF” on Refrigerator display N/A Ambient Sensor fault
“--“ on Freezer display “--“ on Freezer display
bulletFreezer too warm
bulletAppliance has been switched on for first time/ or after complete defrost.

Press OK Button to turn buzzer off.Wait for approx 6 hours for freezer to reach correct temperature.

“-9°C or more” on Freezer display “-9°C or more” on Freezer display Long-black out activated – This occurs after power failure.
“CF” on Freezer display “CF” on Freezer display Communication fault between Main Control PCB and User PCB (control panel)
Appliance does not make ice Appliance does not make ice
bulletEnsure that Ice – maker function is switched ON
bulletEnsure that water tap is switched on and that water is coming through dispenser
NTC Temperature resistances
Diagnostics for “SF” or “C” Error Code
Diagnostics for “D” Error Code
Diagnostics for “CF” Error Code
Explanation of Controls
Freezer – Fast Freeze – Compressor runs for 24hrs continuously
Refrigerator – Super Cool – The Refrigerator runs 6 hours at the minimum temperature (which is 0°)
Freezer – Party Mode – Compressor runs for 30 minutes to enable a bottle of sparkling wine to be cooled faster. Wine to be placed anywhere in freezer
Freezer – Ice Mode – Choice between crushed or cubed ice. Default is cubed ice
Refrigerator – Vacation – Fridge compartment is cooled every 30 minutes to avoid bacteria growth
Sixth Sense Appliances Only
F98% Water Filter Indicator – Shows the effectiveness of the water filter. It starts at F99% and counts down. Once the indicator shows any percentage from F20% to F1% it is advisable to replace filter. The Filter Indicator can be reset by pressing the button for a period of 3 secs
sense Sixth Sense Freezer – Freezer compartment runs at a colder temperature automatically to counter act prolonged door opening
sense Sixth Sense Refrigerator – Refrigerator compartment runs at a colder temperature automatically to counter act prolonged door opening
Numeric Display Appliances
Numeric appliances have the same controls except Party Mode and Sixth Sense. The controls have the same functions a part from the Water Filter Indicator. This has a 3 level indicator that starts from Green (SIS team assumes that the next levels are Amber and Red). The Filter Indicator can be reset by pressing the button for 3 secs.
Icemaker Diagnostic (Optical Indication)

Accessing Diagnostic Mode:

bulletFix the emitter flap in the closed position with a piece of tape
bulletClose the door
bulletSwitch the Ice Maker on by pressing the relevant button
bulletWithin 60 secs open the freezer door
bulletHold the light switch in the closed position
bulletSwitch the Ice Maker on by pressing the relevant button
bulletListen to the receiver LED output code

(Please note the manual that the above information was taken has been translated into English and therefore certain parts are not very clear. If the following information is not exact then please contact your SIS team member so that it can be updated correctly.)

LED Output Failure Indication:

2 flashes…off for 1 second…2 flashes – Fault - Optical Problem. Solution – Change IR receiver

3 flashes…off for 1 second…3 flashes – Fault – Ice Maker fault. Solution – Change Ice Maker

4 flashes…off for 1 second…4 flashes – Fault – Defective Relay. Solution – Change IR receiver

LED on for 5 seconds constantly – Ice Maker is functioning correctly

Note – If there is more than one fault with the Ice Maker, the error code shown wil be the first one to occur. Therefore to ensure that only one fault is present, after fixing the fault shown complete the diagnostic test again.

Test Points on Ice Maker
N = Neutral
M = Motor Connection
H = Heater Connection
T = Thermostat Connection (BI-Metal)
L = Live (Manual states L1. Assumed to be Live)
V = Water Valve Connection
T-H = Bridge over to start/rotate the shut off arm
Power ON Test Points
Test between points L + N – Voltage check = 230V

Test between points T + H – motor and bimetal-thermostat check

Test points T + H will verify an open/closed bimetal-thermostat.
Place an insulated piece of wire across points T + H to run the motor:

bulletIf the motor doesn’t function it will need replaced
bulletIf motor is functioning correctly; the temperature on the ice-mould is colder than -9°C and the bimetal-thermostat is not closed – replace the bimetal-thermostat

Test between points T + H – mould heater check

Place an insulated piece of wire across points T + H to run the motor – After approx. ½ rotation of the ejector heat can be felt in the mould. If this is not the case then the mould heater is defective and the complete mould will need replaced.

Test between points L + V – water valve check

Place an insulated piece of wire across points L + V – the water valve should energise and water should be seen flowing into the mould.
Note – A faulty mould heater will prevent the valve from energising.

Test between points M + N – ice maker motor check

Place an insulated piece of wire across points M + N – check too see if motor is running.

Power OFF Test Points
Test between points L+ H – mould heater check – a resistance reading of approx. 280.
Electronic PCB Connections
Wiring Colours
Fridge temperature too warm and meat/pan slider drawer iced
Fridge temperature too warm
Appliance does not cool down


Thermal fuse open circuit.


When the appliance is powered up it will go immediately into a ‘Defrost’.

If either the Thermal fuse or the Defrost Heater is open circuit then the appliance will remain in the ‘Defrost’ condition.

bulletEnsure appliance is unplugged
bulletGain access to Electronic Control PCB
bulletDisconnect 12 Way connector block

Using a multimeter:

bulletPlace one probe on Pin 1 (blue wire) of the 12 Way connector.
bulletPlace the other probe on Pin 1 (brown wire) of the 16 Way connector. Ensure that this is connected to the PCB.
bulletA resistance reading of between 83-94?, will confirm that the defrost heater and thermal fuse are ok.
bulletIf an open circuit reading is returned then there is either an open circuit thermal fuse/defrost heater-OR- a wiring fault.
Food on upper two shelves of the fridge starts to freeze (7 – segment version)


If customer has changed the position of the upper two shelves, this can inadvertently reduce the air circulation to the fridge sensor.

This will cause the fridge sensor to continually ask for more cold air to be fed into the refrigerator compartment, which in turn will eventually freeze the food.


Replace the air baffle cover and sensor support in the fridge compartment. The air baffle cover has been modified to help counter act the above problem.

New Air Baffle Cover incorporating 3 vents for better air circulation
Temperature Alarm on Constantly
Cause: Cause:
bulletCheck for system leaks.
bulletMeasure the pressure in the cooling cycle.

Evaporator completely iced up

bulletCheck for continuity of Bimetal between orange and white wires.
bulletCheck for continuity of Thermal fuse between blue and brown wires.
bulletCheck the resistance values of the heating element (84-94?)

If all the above are ok then replace Electronic Control PCB.

User Interface black out


The capacitor in the older Electronic PCB versions eventually start to loose their capacity to store a charge.


Appliances produced before week 30 in 2004 will need both Main Control PCB and User Control PCB to be replaced.

Appliances produced after week 30 in 2004 will need the Main Control PCB replaced.

Mid trans bar too hot (this is the bar between the refrigerator and the freezer compartments)


Compressor/Condenser fan is faulty


Check wiring connections if OK then replace fan.

Refrigerator compartment too warm & Freezer compartment completely frozen


NTC Sensor wires are reversed in the connector block on the PCB i.e. Freezer Sensor wires are in the refrigerator sensor wires position.


The correct wiring configuration is shown below.

Pin 1 – Freezer Probe Common (Signal)
Pin 2 – Fridge Probe Common (Signal)
Pin 3 – Freezer Probe (Signal)
Pin 4 – Fridge Probe (Signal)
4 Way Connector Main Control PCB
Refrigerator or Freezer ‘Door Open’ Alarm On and Red LED Flashing


bulletRefrigerator door switch faulty
bulletFreezer door switch faulty


Check wiring connections at 16 Way connector, on the Main PCB, Pin 7 for the Refrigerator and Pin 6 for the Freezer. If the wiring is OK then replace relevant door switch.

Rattling Noise from the Appliance


Capacitors on the Main Electronic PCB are not holding a charge.


Replace Main Electronic PCB

Ice Water all around the Ice Maker


Check if water is dripping from the water tube in the ice maker


If this is the case then the valve is not closing properly and is therefore faulty. The valve has to be replaced.


Check if the appliance is taking in too much water into the ice maker. This process is timed and should run for 7.5 secs which will mean approx. 125 CubicCM of water.


Use adjustment screw on Ice Maker timer to alter the amount taken in.

bulletWhen the small hole is centred in the larger hole then the water fill time is set to 7.5 secs (Normal fill capacity)
bulletTurning screw clockwise – decreases water filling
bulletTurning screw anti-clockwise – increases water filling
bulletA complete 360° rotation increases/decreases 40 Cubic CM of water or 2.4 secs
bulletA 180° half rotation increases/decreases 20 Cubic CM of water or 1.2 secs
Refrigerator compartment too warm (LCD Version only)


Bimetal is positioned incorrectly

If the sensing surface is placed face down on top of the evaporator it reduces the duration of the defrost cycle and therefore will eventually cause the evaporator to ice up completely which will in turn reduce the air flow between the compartments.


Ensure that Bimetal is positioned correctly. See Diagrams